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Sindi takes out the telephone conversations with Olsa Muhameti



Sindi Loci is one of the most talked about former contestants on “Për’puthen”. She stood out for the numerous controversies and debates she caused in the studio. 

In an interview for the show “Glamor Zone” on Rtv Ora, she again made accusations against the production, especially Olsa Muhameti, and published the conversation with her.

“We had a phone call after that. The moment she told me you were going to leave the program I felt very bad and I got on the phone and I said ‘Olsa why, at least give me a reason and she yells at me in a very weird way and I say,‘ I I did it simply because I have a lot of pressure, my grandfather is very sick and I was in tears “, said Cindy and added: 

The part that hurt me the most was this:
“And leave it to its time, what has psychological aggravation got to do with it ?! If you do this, what can I say, what is the point of you coming to the studio ?! ”, were the words that Olsa had said, which Sindi chose to make public.

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