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The closeness between Semi and Donald in Big Brother Vip / Speaks for the first time Bora Zemani



The closeness of Sam and Donald in Big Brother Vip, has caused a lot of reactions on social networks from followers who think that there can be something more than friendship between them. 

In this series of comments was also mentioned the moderator Bora Zemani, who is the former partner of Donald Veshaj and the closest friend of the singer Semi Jaupaj.

For the first time after so many comments, the moderator Bora Zemani reacted by explaining the relationship that Semi has with Donald, saying that there is nothing more than a social relationship with them.

So she demands to be stopped with comments and slander.

“I have to respond to the absurdity that is happening! As much as I try to be indifferent as I always do, I find it impossible when I see that my name is mentioned every day, with news, gossip and tactless talk. I have worked humbly since I was 16 and without wanting to gain undeserved public attention. I have never believed that things are won over by sitting and talking. In fact, I wanted to get attention only through my work and never from my personal life.

You may have seen me often in the social media but not out of my own desire, I assure you. This is also evident from the fact that I endure a lot by not reacting no matter how stupid things are said and added and added daily. I always see my work and life, without mentioning or involving anyone else, especially using or abusing someone else.

I did not grow in career at anyone’s expense and I am proud of that! This experience does not belong to me but to Semi and Donald and they are free to behave and use it as they wish. I can say that they have had a very good relationship even outside, from me! I have no doubt at any point that Semi can have more than social approval for Donald.

On the other hand, even though Donald and I have not been together for a long time, we enjoy each other’s respect and we would never create such situations. I see it simply as support and support for each other! That’s it! I understand that you should comment but do not exaggerate and above all do not slander !!! “, writes Bora in her post on Instastory./

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