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The beauty of Tropoja, you will not believe what Arjola Demiri looked like before the operations (PHOTO)


Arjola Demiri is a very famous actress who gained the greatest fame with her role, with the interpretation of a masturbation scene in the Theater. A moment that she described in the media as “very elegant” to be seen without any kind of embarrassment, even though it happens live. Then she became an actress in Portokalli, and now we are hearing her name a lot as she is a resident of Big Brother VIP and her confessions about abuse by her ex-husband have caused quite a stir. The mother of three and former Miss, is widely known as the beauty of Tropoja, but a video that has recently gone viral on the network shows that the actress has undergone plastic surgery and what is most noticeable is the change of nose. The interview of the actress was done 6 years ago, when her name was not as public as today./

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